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Key Vibez Radio, a new online radio station serving the Phoenix Metropolitan area, announces its official launch in February 2023. Founded by media veteran Michael Brown, Key Vibez Radio aims to inform and entertain listeners with a mix of news, music, comedy, and more.

"I have been in the media for 25+ years and work with an affiliated NPR station. After retiring, I wanted to continue to do what I love and felt providing a service that informs the people. I feel there is never enough of us serving the people with true and valid information," said Brown. "Working in the news and entertainment worlds for 40-plus years allows me to utilize all of my skillsets to give a reliable and enjoyable experience."

Key Vibez Radio offer online music for listeners to enjoy. The website,,  An App is now available for download on both Apple and Google App stores.

"We are excited to bring a fresh perspective to the Phoenix Metropolitan area and beyond," said Brown. "We hope to become a go-to destination for reliable and entertaining content."

For more information, visit


                      ANGIE GOMEZ

                    NITE VIBEZ SHOW

               MON - THU  7 PM - 9 PM


                 KEY  VIBEZ MORNING SHOW
                    GUEST HOST: ICE MIKE
                    MON - THU 7 AM - 9 AM 


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